Affordable SEO Packages

SEO is you one of the most effective way to connect to your customers around you. It is the bridge that allows potential clients who are in need of your services to actually find you and call you to solve their problems. When looking for SEO packages it is important to look for affordable SEO packages

We usually begin by conducting an audit of your current situation. Here are some of the things we usually look at during are audits are:

  • where are you in the rankings? And why?  
  • Competitor Analysis & Keyword research
  • Content Analysis
  • Site Speed
  • Your site’s On Page – Off Page

Our audits are very complex, and we look at a bunch of other factors. Is your site’s traffic bringing in business essentially is the most important question

Affordable SEO Packages For Small Businesses

SEO is a bit more complex, some factors that go into pricing include competition and the amount of work that has to be put in a site both on page and off page. However, you can find affordable SEO services that can fit almost any budget by getting a customized package. This way you can be sure you are only paying for services your website actually needs. Over here at Lion Media, all our packages are customized and tailored directly to what your business needs to hit #1 on google. We have ranked 100’s of sites and we can help you do the same. There is a fine line however between cost efficient SEO packages and just straight up underpriced services 

Cost-Efficient SEO Services

Everyone has their own expectations of what “affordable” is. As a rule of thumb if you are paying anything under 750$/ month for seo you are probably you should double check what you signed up for.

Usually when it comes to SEO you want to focus on quality over quantity, if you want an affordable way to get 1st page ranking you should consider starting out with smaller objectives. For example if the campaign you initially intended targets 15 keywords you want to get to 1st page maybe it’s better to start with one that will target 3-5 keywords that are low hanging fruits that are going to be very easy to get results for and then grow it from there.

Once it starts to generate money, it’ll be every easy to allocate more money to SEO

There is a fine line between affordable and cheap. Usually agencies that charge 300$/month retainers usually qualify under the cheap category. Cheap seo packages will probably deliver bad seo practices which will lead to penalties. What you will pay afterwards to get rid of those penalties will be much more than what you tried to save in the first place. So, it’s important to work with someone who delivers quality services

Quality Content and backlinks are quite expensive, for 1500 words article you can easily pay 70$ a single quality backlink can start at 30$ very easily, so how does a 300 $/month fee make any sense is what you should be asking yourself.


Our Simple SEO Process


Getting higher rankings on google is actually quite easy. The hardest part of it all is just patience to see it all the way through. We will increase your site traffic with 2 things, quality content & backlinks.


Here is our step by step process:


  • You fill out a form
  • Someone from our team will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours to discuss your needs and issues
  • We will perform a site audit while taking into consideration the factors you mentioned during our call
  • We will provide you with a customized step by step plan and how it will increase your traffic and a detailed breakdown of costs


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