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Contractor Leads are a controversial subject in the industry because their quality varies by provider.  Not every lead is worth paying for or should be trusted by contractors. Online marketing helps you attract new clients and engage existing ones, which could be instrumental in the growth of your contracting business. Over here at Eazy Rankings, we can handle all your lead generation needs. We do via either Google or Facebook ads

Pay Per Click, is a very cost effective way to start generating home improvement leads IMMEDIATELY. The great thing about PPC is that it take almost no time to build and produce results immediately.

Once your account is set up and approved, your paid ads will begin to show for the keywords, your business is displayed to searchers who intend to hire a contractor for the job. PPC is an excellent way to start generate new customers while your SEO campaign take time to build.

 Only a professional with experience managing your pay per click should handle your marketing money as clicks can be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Using Google Ads for contractors is a great way to gain an advantage over competitors.

Google ads place your website or ad in front of potential customers exactly when they are looking for a service you provide.


How do I get more contractor leads?

The great thing about our service is rather than charge you with a management fee + adspent, we will charge you straight on a per lead basis. We are masters of contractor lead generation and can get your phone ringing fast the easy way.

Our live calls are the most effective contractor leads because they are seeking you out.

Our contractor leads are people who are actively searching to hire a contractor in your area for one of the services you provide.

It can quickly become very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We are the one of  best place to use for paid lead generation because of our guaranteed results to reduce your risks and exclusive leads that come with a replacement program

You’ll make meaningful connections from our efforts that turn into sales and save you time so you can focus on your running your business and sites.

Want to increase your home improvement leads without all the unneeded spending?

In general, prices will vary from one niche to the next and be higher in major cities areas where there is more competition.

Also, many companies will sell leads to multiple contractors but our leads will bee 100% exclusive just to you

Leads from these services usually are cheaper than exclusive leads

How do I get free leads on Facebook?

When business start a site and create listings on GMB and Facebook, their main focus should be lead generation. A Google study revealed that 7 out of 10 users who performed a local search visited an establishment within five miles of their location.

Now more than ever more people rely on the internet to find and hire contractors, generating leads from google and facebook has now been more easier than ever before.

When you’re working on lead generation for your business, the more places customers can see and find your business, the better results you will get.

Using Facebook to advertise is an easy and cheap (possibly free) way to get more business.

First go to Facebook for Business create a page and create your profile.

Make sure to fill in all the information needed, add your logo and a few pics of previous work. 

The barrier to entry in the construction business is veery low, This is in part because anyone can buy an old truck, put a sign-out, and call themselves a small business. So most markets are extremely hard to compete in. 

You also have to compete against “Craigslist businesses.” Those that bid super low due to not paying for anything pretty much and take all the payments in cash.

Fact is, steady online lead generation for contractors is the only way to create a consistent source of qualified customers.

And remember, our leads are exclusive so they will not be sent to other contractors and the customer will know which contractor they are calling.

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Contractors across all niches ranging from roofing, painting, contracting, remodeling, depending on quality lead generation to sell their services and make a revenue for their companies.

Generating quality sales leads can be difficult for construction companies, because you are competing with other contractors for the same leads in your city.


If your company’s lead generation marketing is not strong enough, you may lose plenty of quality leads to your direct competitors.


More than half of all online searches are made for a local service


Pay Per Lead Company

We have been in business since 2017, Years later, we’re still supporting businesses throughout the country with their digital marketing needs.

We have so much confidence in our ability to provide excellent marketing services that we all our packages are on a per lead basis.

The great thing is that you only pay me per lead that I generate for you and the lead is exclusively yours. also, You are not locked into anything long term and can cancel at any time.  With no registration or cancellation fees, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and flexible our business-expanding lead generation service is.

Use a lead generation for services that gets you sales.


You can stop buying shitty shared leads, stop lowering your costs and  your fees just to win the business and get real customers who are looking for your services.

Contractor lead generation can be done online or offline. It can be done via broader advertisement methods or by communicating on a more personal level with both potential and existing customers.

Everything that we have mentioned so far is a vehicle to get you what you really need… Contractor Leads.

You can have the best company, the best team, the best services, but it doesn’t matter if you have ZERO Sales.

Let us do the hard and boring work of generating new prospects while you get back to focusing on customers.

contractor leads

At Eazy Rankings, we offer the results, by bringing you live exclusive home improvement leads

Instead of trying to sell you some complicated marketing services that you do not need, we give you a live hot call contractor lead from a customer ready to buy they email or text you the same lead they send to everyone else.

Our leads are sent in real-time (absolutely no stale leads, ever) with verification. You only pay for the results themselves, not the process of or managing the campaigns.

Generating leads for contractors can be very challenging with so many competitors. Choosing the correct ways to promote your business online is essential. Start growing your construction business with our leads