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At Eazy Ranking, we are also a lead generation company for contractors we want to ensure that contractors have all the necessary tools to be successful. In this day and age, you need to be more than just an excellent contractor to be lucrative. You also need to have good business skills to rise above the competition. Nowadays, SEO and lead generation from google ads and Facebook ads are the top skills of thriving companies.

But what does all this mean for you? If you are a contractor seeking more clients, then keep reading to learn how lead generation companies for contractors can help

How To Get Contractor Leads

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Lead generation companies help businesses use search engine optimization (SEO), google ads and facebook ads to identify potential customers and lead them to your website to make a purchase. Lead generation companies provide leads to their clients who already have an interest in the services of the client. Verified leads eliminate the need for cold calling, pitching your services to customers who don’t want them and spending hours trying to find new customers.

Hiring a lead generation company allows businesses to focus on their core competencies without having to also worry about new customer acquisition. Eazy Ranking is an expert in this field with a specialty for contractors and other construction-related businesses. So how do we boost your leads and support your success? We use a little magic—online marketing. All our contractor leads come from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or SEO and is exclusive just to you.


As a Contractor, why do I Need a Lead Generation Company?

So what does all this mean for contractors? We know that contracting is hard work. After a long day of labor, you probably don’t want to come home and spend hours on the computer, improving your SEO and lead generation in order to generate contractor leads.

Lead generation companies for contractors can take care of your search for new clients. These agencies will allow you to focus all your energy on your contracting work. Without having to worry about digital marketing, you can free up more time to complete projects and enhance your skills. In this arrangement, both you and the lead generation company can focus on what they do best. That way, everyone benefits.

How Can Eazy Ranking Generate Contractor Leads

With years of experience in the construction field, Eazy Ranking is ready to help your business succeed. The Better Business Bureau accredits us with an A+ rating. This rating shows that we are a quality, trustworthy organization on which you can rely.

We generate over 5,000 leads per month. Our productivity has led to four years of successful operation with 150 satisfied customers. Three thousands of those leads are ones that we generated directly in the construction industry. No matter what facet of home improvement you specialize in, Eazy Ranking can help.

One principle that distinguishes us from other lead generation companies for contractors is a no-competition agreement. We only work with one client in a given area to provide them with our undivided attention. With our agreement, you never have to worry that we are giving leads to your business and your competition. All the leads we generate for you are entirely exclusive.

We also provide a “contact made” guarantee. With this protection, we promise that you will be able to make contact with each lead we acquire for you. If you cannot reach a lead, we will make it right.

We also communicate directly with each of our clients to provide precisely the leads they want. If you produce high-end construction work, we will match you with clients who can afford your premium prices. We provide your organization with leads in both the residential and commercial sectors. No matter what type of client you seek, we will help you find them.

Pay Per Leads For Contractors

Lead generation can be a huge hassle, we get it. Unlike other agencies who will charge you a management fee + adspent over here at Eazy Ranking, we handle every single aspect of the campaigns so you don’t have to worry about it and on top of that, we will only charge you per lead that we generate. 

We have a few different pre-paid lead packages that can fit any business needs, whether you need 25-50-100-200 leads/month we can help generate those and you will pay for results nothing else. 

  • All our results are guaranteed to so if we fail to deliver you will be getting a refund.
  • Also, all our leads are exclusive to you so no one else will be getting those leads. 
  • Finally, all our leads generation services come with a lead replacement program, so if a home improvement lead is too far from the areas you service or someone fills out a form asking for a service you do not offer, finally if a number is not connecting, we will replace the leads for you with a fresh new one.

Home Services Leads We Can Generate:

  • Painting leads
  • Roofing leads 
  • Contractor leads
  • Home improvement leads
  • Electrical leads
  • HVAC leads
  • Windows replacement leads
  • Remodeling 
  • and much more